Setting intentions & why I do it

Setting intentions is a huge part of my daily routine. Every day I journal and most often I choose to write my intentions down. It can be about whatever strikes my feelings that day. Let me explain it to you in the easiest way possible – a Tiktok. Don’t forget to follow me on Tiktok @mayanestorov

Sometimes I also speak my intentions out loud and sometimes I get the feeling to write them down. It all depends on what vibe I have that day. Writing them down in my journal can look something like this.

Today, intentions are:

  • Stay focused on my to-do list
  • Be present in the moment
  • Be true toward myself
  • Listen to my intuition and let it guide me
  • Be creative and free
  • Have an aim and be organized in my work
  • Honor my feelings
  • Stay focused

You are the most important person in your life so create accordingly. Intentions are the first step toward changing your life and start living it on your terms. Let me know how you like this post by leaving a comment or sharing because sharing is caring.

“The most important person in your life is you”

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