I am empowered women

Welcome to the I am empowered women series

An empowered woman knows she is more than enough.  She is loving, compassionate, soft, sensual, strong, and powerful. She is a total embodiment of both her masculine and feminine energy.  She deserves respect and has the power to stand proud of who she is. She knows her own value and energy, her strengths, and the power of her strong, firm but soft voice – at home, at work, and in the world.

She follows her heart and her intuition. Never settles for less than what she deserves and acts accordingly. She always follows her dreams and soul calling because this is what sparks her spirit. She always shines bright and unapologetically in all her grace, confidence, and empowered feminine energy.

She knows who she is and loves all of her sides. She is everything that a woman can be and owns herself completely! 

She influences her environment in a very positive way!

6 sätt att uppgradera ditt empowered mindset