Book Maya for amazing assignments

Who is she – Holistic wellness consultant with a focus on sustainability and women
If you as a private person or company are looking for help, knowledge, and inspiration in health and wellness from as sustainable and holistic a perspective as possible, you have found the right place. Book Maya for assignments you will find further down.

Food – gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free diet with a focus on green food. Rawfood dishes and desserts are also an option.

Mindset – spirituality, and intuition – Maya helps you, among other things, to get in touch with your higher self and your intuition. All so that you can reach your highest potential and dare to fully live out your dream in all areas of life. She brings out your inner “goddess”, sensuality and feminine power. Cleanse and process your traumas using her tools. Be the best version of yourself!

Movement – Yoga (Hatha + yoga Nidra), pilates, and dance

Meditation / Breathing – Deep breathing techniques to let go of your inner demons. Different types of meditations to come back to yourself. She helps you understand why it is important to breathe deeply and meditate. She provides tools to maintain your new routines.

Green beauty – how should you think about choosing natural and organic products. Do you need help cleaning out your toilet or kitchen cabinet for better products. How do you do that? Maya will help you. All so that you can take care of yourself, the animals, and nature at the same time.

Other assignments

Lectures – In all of the above topics. You can also book Maya for a workshop or inspirational lecture
Moderator and conferences – book me as a conference and moderator for your next event.
Brand building and Social media – structure around how you as a beginner build your own platform/brand. How do you optimize SEO so that you can get more reach and what do you need to think about when you write good headlines.
Freelance journalist and writer/columnist – Maya Is always open to different types of freelance work in the area of alternative and holistic wellness. Feel free to book her for various assignments both in live video and in writing.

If she is the one you are looking for, do not hesitate to book Maya for assignments. She is always open to new ways of collaborating and is happy to tailor packages according to your wishes.

I look forward to hearing from you. With love Maya