Allt du säger har en påverkan på ditt liv

Har du någon gång tänk på att det du säger har en effekt på dig & allt/alla runt om kring dig? Ord har ju en betydelse för annars hade vi ju inte haft språk.



Säger du negativa saker till någon blir ju den personen antaglien ledsen eller irriterad. Säger du positiva saker blir den personen förhoppningsvis glad. Anledningen till detta är ju att vi har blivit lärda att visa ord betyder negativa saker och andra ord positiva saker. Jag uppmana dig i att bli mera medveten om vilka ord du säger till dig själv och din omgivning dagligen för det formar ditt och andras liv.

Har någon gång tänkt på det? Om inte så vill jag nu utmana dig i att börja fundera över vad du säger och börja ändra det du vill till positiva ord. Prova och se vad som händer. Kärlek Maya

Have you ever thought that what you say has an effect on you & everything / everyone around you? Words are important otherwise we would not have language.

If you say negative things to someone then that person becomes sad or annoyed and if you say positive things people will be happy. The reason for this is that we have been taught that some words mean one thing or another, but all words also have energy that we then associate with our body language. Everyone has certainly at some point done exercises where we say positive things but act angry & on the contrary. How weird did not that feel?

I want to ask you to think about what words you use when speaking to yourself and your environment daily because it shapes yours & others life. I reflected on this the other day, when I talked a bit negative to myself. Since then I’ve thought about everything I say & what’s actually just coming out without me thinking about it. Oh, some things I just want to stop saying & a reprogramming is a must. Words that I want to stop saying are, for example, I am dying, this is sick and I have to.

Then I also thought about what words are linked together with other words for example fuck cancer. To me these two words have a negative tone, which many feel for cancer (understandable), but negative words can never eradicate negative things only positive words can do that. So good words, meaning we need to stop using negative words about negative things that we want to change. Now I do not mean that positive words can cure everything, but it contains an energy that is bad and us humans are affected by it. So it’s better that we speak positive words about a negative thing. Did you get what I am writing about?I even felt this was a little bit messy in my head, hehe.

A little challenge – think about what you say & change to positive words. See what’s happening. Love Maya

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